Tria Learning Centre

Anything and everything digital



  • In this course, you will deep dive into the social media marketing world.

  • You will work on various tools, learn to develop strategies and optimiza social campaigns.

  • Most importantly, you will gain the skillset to create and evaluate a comprehensive social marketing strategy that can grow a business.


  • The SEO training programs are designed to teach you the most effective SEO techniques to improve page rankings and increase traffic a web site.

  • You get to learn about the best practices for both onpage and offpage optimizations.

  • We also give you in-depth knowledge of SEO strategies, tips and tricks.


Website Development

  • Our web developers combine their skill along with creativity to come up with a website that speaks for your company.

  • Put in all our effort for a good website design and not rest (symbolically of course) until the desired result is achieved and we are sure that your target group will be impressed.

  • Ensure that the SEO website design fulfills the crawling requirement while not emptying your bank balance. (We do love continued association)


  • Plug-ins through ecommerce Wordpress

  • Facilitating featured online shops through Magento and Joomla

  • Integrating payment gateway including Pay Pal

PHP Training

  • Using services like Google AdMob to customize mobile ads in a manner that they appear in third-party mobile applications

  • Providing mobile site links on the website so that customers find it easy to jump on to specific pages

  • Comprehensive ASO solutions for your app in a manner that is consumer conscious

CMS Training

  • Our in-house experts create web portals which are centered around the needs of your company.